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KrogerFeedback: Participate in official website of Kroger Feedback customer satisfaction survey at & win 50 fuel points, $100 grocery gift cards, Kroger digital coupons.

Kroger as the biggest grocery chain across the USA. Of course, what makes a grocery chain the best is the customer support they get. The company know this and came up with a KrogerFeedback Survey to take care of their customers and listen to what they have to say in order to improve the customer satisfaction bar a notch up.

KrogerFeedback Survey is the way through which Kroger keeps a track of what customers likes and dislikes.  Moreover, the company provides certain perks for the customers who participate in the survey.

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The perk includes a $100 Gift card, Kroger 50 fuel points or even the bumper amount of $5,000 gift card. But, keep in mind you have to be above the age of 18 to take the survey in order to avail the gifts.

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Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

With the help of Kroger feedback, you can share your opinion about the customer service, the staff your review about the store too.  At Kroger, the company’s primary focus is customer satisfaction.

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To achieve this they have introduced a simple Kroger Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey. You just have to answer simple questions and who knows you might end up with cool gifts.

There are millions of people who arrive at Kroger daily to buy daily use stuff. The reason behind this is the wide range of product variety. As you arrive you will get to see the kroger has everything that you can look for. Starting from a general grocery, frozen food, cereals, beverages, dairy products, seafood and meat and ending to the pharmacy.

Now, without wasting any time lets jump in the process of taking part in the survey ( For the new ones, it might be a little confusing at the start! Don’t worry we will help you out.

KrogerFeedback Survey: Requirements

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Follow these simple steps mentioned below and you can easily complete the Kroger feedback survey with ease.

  • The most important thing you would need is an internet connection as you have to fill out the survey form online.  You can access it through any device be it a phone or your personal computer.
  • Secondly, make sure you the Kroger receipt that is no older than 7 days. You will need this receipt to fill up the survey.
  • The customer feedback survey is available in 2 languages English and Spanish. So it would be better if you are familiar with any one of the language.
  • You must be 18 years or above to participate in the survey.
  • Lastly, you have to take some of your precious time in order to complete the survey. It will hardly take 10-15 mins to complete the survey.

Above mentioned steps are prerequisites if you want to participate in the survey.

How to take Kroger Feedback Customer Survey

For the new people, it might be difficult to take the survey, here is our complete guide that will help you in the process.  Just, make sure you follow the step by step guide and you would be good to go. Once you have reached the final step and completed the survey you will receive a gift card or kroger fuel points.

Follow the steps below to start your very own first Kroger customer survey.

  • Firstly, open any browser present in your device. It does not matter which browser you choose.
  • Visit the Kroger official website i.e. to start your survey and share your very first experience with the company.
  • On the Kroger page, you would need to enter the date, time with your entry id.
  • As you click on the start button, you will get a bunch of questions regarding your experience. Just answer those given question to share your opinion to Kroger.
  • On the last stage if you are willing to apply for the Kroger sweepstakes then enter your loyalty card detail.
  • On completion, you will earn Kroger 50 fuel points.

We hope that the above-given steps will help you to complete your first survey with Kroger.

The Kroger fuel points or gift card has a certain amount of validity so use the gift card as soon as possible.

Customer Service: KrogerFeedback

If you have any issues regarding the survey process or if you are stuck at some point then you can always dial the krogerfeedback survey customer service helpline number. We would always recommend you to talk with the customer service support person as they can resolve your issue in no time. Moreover, Kroger gives the facility of online chat, there would be a person listening and resolving your requests via chat.

The customer service team is very supportive and will go out of their way to help you.

Dial – 1-800-576-43770 for Kroger customer service support

Check the customer service time before making a move.

Monday – Friday 8 AM to Midnight EST
During weekends (Saturday & Sunday): 8 AM to 9:30 PM EST

This was the complete guide on Kroger survey process. It is the best thing that Kroger has come up with! Also, you can get rewards on completing the survey.

We hope that this guide will help you to ease through the survey without any problem. And do use the gift hampers as soon as possible.

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  1. It is always a challenge to locate the proper site to put my information in to
    the computer. It would be nice if the site was easier to locate!!!!

  2. I think the Brandenburg Kroger is better than other Kroger stores, they always are working with a big smile, they keep the bascarts inside for clients, they keep the store clean & well stocked.

  3. The cashier in the line we checked out didn’t bother putting all of our groceries in bags. She let the majority of the groceries go down the conveyor belt. I had to put my items in the plastic bags. I didn’t realize I was at Sack n Save. The store was at 5101 W. Sublet in Arlington, Texas.

  4. Eskander is always helpful at the check out, asking the customer for further opportunities to serve us . Hard working, diligent to details, and friendly as Niloufar , of which both are assets to the Kroger team

  5. I was at the Fred Meyer store at 1111 NE 102nd Ave. in Portland, OR. on Nov. 19, 2018. At around 9:50 p.m., the store manager, John, had the nerve to ask me to leave the store for being upset about the lack of service in this store. They totally failed to get help for us at customer service, and we stood in line over 25 minutes just to exchange a shirt. Meanwhile several employees walked behind the counter and just looked at us, like they did not care. John, acted like he did not care when I brought this to his attention, and I was extremely upset by his lack of empathy. I have shopped at FM for years, and he asked me to leave the store? What kind of customer service is that? Not once did he apologize for the inconvenience!!! All he did was tell me to calm down, and they were “working on it”. So unacceptable. I will never shop at this location again, and I will reconsider shopping with your stores in the future. I cannot believe how poorly we were treated.

  6. I received the Holiday magazine with embedded coupons, and thank you for that! I just needed to point out the Giovanni products were discontinued at Kroger but yet I am receiving a $2 savings coupon!! I can’t be the only customer that misses these products and WHY the coupon if there are no products please? thank you

  7. I do not know what has happened to getting to the Survey web site but it is so difficult now. I am about to give up and stop shopping and getting fuel points.

  8. I want to tell you when I left the hospital after surgery in late September the first place I stopped at was Kroger. I love to shop at Kroger and go there almost everyday. I love the coupons, fuel points, people, prices and goods. This is definitely the best supermarket in Dallas, Texas.

  9. Kroger’s is my favorite store – it will have whatever I need ( especially the perfect Greeting Cards). The fruits and vegetables are always fresh as well as the fish department. This is my store.

  10. Hi, I wish the store I go to, would stop changing everything to a different place in store . Always looking twice for the product I need.

  11. As a vendor and a customer of the Granbury Kroger, we are instructed as a vendor to be in and out of the store on a daily basis ! I’m a retired retail store manager and we were attempting to deliver on sat 12/01/18 we were at the back door at 7:50 am and were instructed to come back after one pm to put up our merchandise !! I feel this is ridulous to make vendors come back when we are already there to service the store! I will not shop that store because of this crazy rule!

  12. I was at the Kroger in Waynedale, Indiana. I routinely try to go to where Carol is because she is as kind as a person can be.
    She use to wait on me when there was a Scotts on Decatur road and I loved her then.She was so nice to my mom when she was alive and inquired about her all the time when my mom was in the nursing home rehab prior to her dying. Carol is great! Pete also did a great job for me today. In the past if they were really busy I would start bagging my own groceries, Pete always came over to me quickly and would take over. Always respectful and polite, he makes my trip to the grocery bearable because it is one thing I really hate doing on a Saturday morning

  13. I have used this for years. The last few days it won’t let me get past the first about 3 pages of survey and dumps me out. I have tried at least 6 times yesterday and 6 times today. My husband told me to use his computer and since that site is not a favorite on this PC you have to go to a whole new sign up with lot of pages of personal information. I just want to use my normal feedback page. My Frys # is 462296417694. Yesterday my total for shopping was $180.32. All I want is to get my 50 bonus gas credits.

  14. On 11/28/2018, I brought some dried cranberries in my 1st purchase of Kroger bulk foods. They were like rocks. The bin didn’t have a secure lid, so air caused the cranberries to suffer quality decline. Apparently there is little effort to monitor whether the foodstuffs being sold in bulk are maintaining value. I conclude that, if a bin remains mostly full, the contents may sit long enough to deteriorate. What bargain is being offered with that? I won’t buy bulk at Kroger again.

  15. Hi. I was at the local Kroger store in Athens, Ohio, yesterday, and with all the (ridiculous) “new and improved” changes you’re making at the store, I was very upset to learn that the olive bar had been discontinued. That was one of the best features at the Athens store! What are your corporate people thinking?! Over the years, I’ve dealt with all the NUMEROUS changes in location of products, including the THIRD location of the liquor section & the Starabuck’s inside the store, which displaced whole aisles of products I now have to search for, and I’m not talking about fancy gourmet food items. I’m talking laundry detergent, paper towels, and toilet paper–you know: essential items that are used DAILY. Your reorganization of the Athens, Ohio Kroger store is as endless as the war in Afghanistan! And now you are discontinuing the olive bar, ffs! You don’t even have a reliable selection of organic and natural foods! When I ask the stock people, they say the warehouse couldn’t get those items. Yet you boast about being the largest grocery chain in America! You may be the largest, but you are not the best. In fact, you’re starting to suck. In Athens, unfortunately, the only big sore alternative is MallWart, where I refuse to shop. However, I can drive to Columbus, where I can shop at COSTCO, TRADER JOE’S, and WHOLE FOODS, where prices for the same brand items are lower, and the selection is larger. Having said that, it would be nice if you kept the olive bar at the Athens, Ohio, Kroger store.

  16. For the first time I purchased a box of Kroger Oat Squares. I thought “No harm in trying something new”. Was I wrong. They are so hard to crunch, I’m afraid I’ll break a tooth at my age of 84. Too bad there couldn’t be something on the box stating how crunchy this cereal is. Just thought you might like my input. Thank you.
    The UPC code is: 11110 89832


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