KrogerFeedback Fuel Points

You will get Kroger fuel points as you complete the online customer feedback survey. At the end of the survey, an amount of 50 fuel points will be rewarded which you can redeem on Kroger fuel station. Also, you can use your plus card at shell fuel station to redeem the points.fuel points

You can track the point you have accumulated and how many of them you have used. This is a good option as you are aware of the remaining ones in your card.

5 thoughts on “KrogerFeedback Fuel Points”

  1. Love your stores. Easy to find what I need. Your store is only a couple blocks from us. Please do not change around everything again. Takes awhile to find things.

  2. Loved shopping at your store, I need the fuel points and your store is close to me. I have tried for about an hour to try to find the place to fill out the details of my shopping list. Can not find the place to fill out. Need help or I will start shopping at maceys.

  3. I trsied for almost an hour to fill in the sheet for the fuel points from my shopping list. Could not find the place to start filling it in. Could you tell me where to go to fill it out.


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